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About us.

Digitization - in these days one of the most popular buzzwords. This opens up completely new business areas. We, TECSAG Innovation AG, can pass on to you all the benefits of the “Internet of Things (IoT)” with our innovative products.

Outside the comfort zone is here the magic happens.

Our “door-opener” to the digitization was the development of the “Alptracker” with which breeding herds in high mountain regions can be securely tracked. Encouraged by our success and progress we expanded to completely new and different business areas. That’s why we are now growing in the industrial and agricultural sector.

Our Innovation.

Tracking systems

We design, develop, produce and distribute tracking systems for industry and agriculture. Our systems can easily collect and transmit relevant data.

LoRa network

Independence and security are achieved by using the existing LoRa network for our data transmission. Submit your data even from most remote places.

Autonomous radio system

In order to be able to offer your customers a solution anywhere and independent of existing networks, Tecsag Innovation offers you an autonomous radio system. Cover your relevant area autonomously.

swiss engineering

Top most priority are the quality and safety of our systems. We guarantee this right from the start – from design to the final product.


Our prime example for successful integration of tracking systems in the Alps is the “Alptracker”. The shepherd of the future is monitoring his herd with an innovative solution. "A game changer – not just in monitoring animals…"

Customer proximity

Personal support from your idea to reality but also in after-sales is our credo.

Scope of application.


Our tracking systems are setting new standards in the industry. Because of their versatility and flexibility our tracking systems add value to your business. Whether for example port management or the traceability of the tree woods in the South American rainforest, with individual solutions from Tecsag Innovation AG you are state of the art.


Where traditions meet modern technology Tecsag Innovation AG is also represented in the agricultural sector with perfect solutions. With our agricultural network we develop together with you the “farm of the future”. Our “Alptracker” has set a mark in the digitization of the Alps. Convince yourself of our versatility!

PORT Management

With our solutions, even a container port becomes transparent. Real-time viewing of locations and states of all containers and even monitoring of sensitive contents. With a tracking system solution from Tecsag Innovation AG you have an autonomous radio network. This will guarantee increased security and transparency and even saves your resources.

Solar Monitoring

Regarding energy supply, for example, the population of developing countries will get new opportunities. With our tracking systems the current flow and particularly the current distribution can be closely monitored in order to break new ground and to protect the environment at the same time.

Fleet Management

Monitor your fleet with networked vehicles and create synergies by optimum capacity utilization. You can detect the position of your fleet, but also monitor fuel consumption or fluid levels for example.

Wood History Tracking

Commodity traders must present a report of the wood of recent years when trading precious woods from South America. If the trees are equipped with our systems, this report can easily be generated exactly from the analysis of the tracking data.


PTRACKER With our tracking system “Alptracker” we have carried the digitization into the mountains. With our autonomous radio system, we have performed network-independent pasture monitoring. Find out more at www.alptracker.ch.

Farm 4.0

Together with German research institutes we are developing “Farm 4.0”. Targeted tracking of diary cows optimizes the milking process and increases the grazing time of the animals.


A part of the “Farm 4.0” is the continuous monitoring of the silos by our tracking systems. The determination and control of levels and temperatures are possible at any time.

Personal Mobility

Also in the field of personal mobility there are countless possibilities. With our tracking system, for example, rental stations can monitor your electric bikes and give them timely to maintenance.

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